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My name is Mark Vidler, I am a business consultant helping companies grow through collaborative leadership.  My industry experience includes schools and universities, retail and oil and gas companies, a substantial amount of my experience has been gained in Europe and internationally helping organisations to grow whilst keeping their costs low.

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged companies in many ways; dramatically and quickly threatening the ways we used to do business.  There is NO GOING back and I do not expect that things will ever return to NORM.  There will no doubt be a NEW NORM, and this  will require  organisations to rethink  business strategy.  We can no longer do business the old way however business’s should grasp the opportunity to test the vision for the future, revisit the purpose and mission and rewrite it.

Revenues have fallen, customers need to be served more safely and remotely and the cost base has to be much, much lower to achieve profitable growth. Distribution channels have changed with differing cost implications. Digitalisation is essential to be able to serve customers remotely.

My starting point, working with your leadership team, is to help redefine company Vision, that five to ten-year horizon of where we want to be.  Once agreed with key stakeholders,  Vision is converted into Strategy; the means and the journey to achieve the Vision that translates into measurable operational plans to guide the business on a day-to-day basis.

To grow companies you have to define their marketing channels in the competitive environment. Future estimates of market size and realistic share are required translated into actionable sales and marketing plans.

Part of the process to radically cut costs would require a detailed understanding of the drivers of costs and how cost is distributed across the company. To do this I use a process I call Cost Attribution Analysis.  This study is a mix of understanding your company’s current costs and the cause of these costs. This requires a mix of analysis and interviews  with key management, employees, customers and suppliers.

With a thorough understanding of the costs the company is able to sustain in the post COVID-19 paradigm,  expenditure is then calculated and agreed and action plans formulated to achieve this new cost base through a step-by-step approach to ensure all costs required to support the business are as low as possible and remain that way. This includes contingency planning should the business model be threatened again either by competition or other external influences or indeed further lockdowns in the event of localised spikes in the pandemic.

With this embedded we would help create a clear line of sight for the contribution from your team members linking strategy to clear individual goals that identify their contribution to the Vision and therefore the achievement of strategic objectives and goals.

So through collaborative leadership strategic alignment is achieved across the organisation in the pursuit of the achievement of the new Visi




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