The Decontaminator Ltd

In: Decontamination Services
Contact: Paul O'Hara
10 Alisander Close, Holborough Lakes, Kent. ME6 5SH

The Decontaminator Ltd provides a unique disinfecting service, using an innovative new technology combination of equipment designed for purpose. This combination is thorough, quick and cost effective. The hydrogen peroxide and tested against harmful bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi, perfect for schools, nurseries, acute care hospitals,  nursing and care homes, GP/dental practice, food processing, laboratories and stables and kennels.

Many bacteria and viruses are airborne and some settle on walls, ceilings and flooring, windows, blinds, curtains, furniture, equipment etc, these are often over-looked when cleaning. Not so for The Decontaminator, it will disinfect the entire room and it’s contents.

If someone has a impaired or immature immune system, this disinfection is ideal, it will make the property safe.

I wholeheartedly support Antibiotic Guardian; encourages the public to stop insisting prescription of antibiotics as pathogens are fast finding ways to survive, resistant to antibiotic purpose. So, I’m more convinced than ever, that we need disinfected recovery rooms / areas and promoting prevention over cure.

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