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22 Revere Way, Ewell, Epsom, Surrey. KT19 9RQ

➡️ As a small business owner, service provider or coach, the challenge of building strong sales pipelines is one of the key success pillars for any enterprise.

Winning sufficient business especially right now to hit your income and target figures can be stressful and challenging.

If you’ve never had a professional sales role then the entire marketing and selling part of your business may not come easy to you.

➡️ You know the saying without sales you have no business so it is crucial to get into a sales groove, rhythm and system that suits you and your business niche and marketplace.

It’s my passion to help those business owners and entrepreneurs who want to be successful doing the work they love, to sell authentically and build a genuinely successful and sustainable business.

That means building relationships, selling and hitting income targets..& playing the long game.

If you are starting up or an established business owner looking to create additional income streams and scale your business , I can help.

My 3rd business launched post the 2009 recession and very quickly grew so I have expertise that can help you launch and grow in a tough market.

Why I do what I do

I started my current business, after my corporate sales career, was to share my 20+ years of sales and business experience (having also launched 4 of my own businesses), with small business owners like you so that you could learn to sell without feeling pushy, and have sales conversations that you feel good about having.
That resonate and feel right, your clients get to hear the real you not some dodgy sales script.

A little about working with me

✅ I teach & mentor business owners and professionals to ditch the fears around selling, and develop personal sales skills, lead generation, sales strategies
✅ I help my clients create brilliant sales strategies and compelling offers that resonate with their ideal clients and market
✅ Through the power of personality profiling and sales psychology I help you quickly develop core sales confidence and clear lead to offer pathways to ensure that you can grow your business and income sustainably.

I also have a Female Membership community to support women in business to thrive and grow.

Some of the key ways I can help you include

✅ Creation of a sales and business strategy designed to increase your sales conversions, profitability and likelihood of reaching 6/7 figures
✅ Development of a professional sales mindset, coaching you to implement highly effective simple daily sales habits that bring you in leads, sales & income

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