NVC Awareness Training & Consultancy Services

Contact: Trevel Henry
62 Beverley Road, Barming, Kent. ME16 9JR

NVC Awareness is a training consultancy specialising in the areas of Conflict Management, Physical Intervention and the Use of ‘Appropriate’ Equipment across ALL areas of work.

Our aim through training and consultation is to work with you towards the development of policies, procedures and working practices to prevent, defuse and manage – conflict, aggression and violence.  The outcome being that with the support of your management team you will introduce proactive measures to eliminate, reduce or control the risks associated with ‘known’ challenging behaviour within your workplace area.

I work with Sector Bodies, Organisations and Groups offering a variety of accredited training courses.  Additionally, I also work with Solicitors reviewing Personal Injury claims and inappropriate Use of Force allegations.

We would be happy to schedule ‘free’ webinars, taster training sessions, online learning and risk review consultations.

 Thank you, for your time and attention.

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