Mail Master Ltd

Contact: Tim Munday
4 Nelson Crescent, Kent. CT11 9JF

MAIL MASTER solves all your Email Overload Problems

MAIL MASTER is an innovative, new email management tool that will revolutionize how you & your organization use email.

MAIL MASTER creates a fully searchable, cloud-based, database of all your organization’s emails, giving individuals access to all emails pertinent to their role regardless of whether they were on the original recipient list. This will significantly reduce the number of emails you receive whilst increasing the relevance of the emails in your inbox. It is a considerable aid to collaboration & teamworking and will improve organizational efficiency, saving you both time and money.

MAIL MASTER is aimed at Professional Services organizations where it is vital to keep a “paper trail” of documentation relating to a specific client or project. However, any organization where groups of individuals work together on common topics will find MAIL MASTER invaluable for enhancing team collaboration.

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