LoopCR Ltd

In: IT and Telecoms Services
Contact: Richard Langshaw
Suite 2066, Letraset Building, Kingsnorth Industrial Estate, Wotton Road, Ashford, Kent. TN23 6LN

LoopCR specialises in maximising the use of redundant IT equipment by securely reusing and refurbishing those items, thus extending their shelf life.

Operating since 2015, we have collected over 8,000 items of electronic waste and securely erased over 5,000 hard drives for businesses and private individuals. LoopCR is fully licenced and registered with the Environment Agency for the processing of waste electronic equipment and hard drive recycling.

If done correctly, with due care and attention, all forms of computer reuse or computer recycling can be a seamless process that benefits both you and your carbon footprint. We achieve this by securely reusing and refurbishing IT equipment at our Ashford office to give it a new lease of life. Only when IT equipment is beyond repair is it recycled.

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