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Jim Jordan Consultancy Ltd is a Business Growth Consultancy which focuses on Executive Coaching , Business Growth Strategies and Implementation. 

Our Executive Coaching Programmes can be run online , offline or a blended approach.

Our Executive Programmes break down into 3 distinct areas:

Executive Leadership Coaching

This programme using Stakeholder led development where we help you identify how you are performing currently across 15 competences and with your agreement identify in a 360 approach how others view you in this area. We then work with you to decide where your strengths are and the areas with the best business case for development. We will then with our ground breaking technology support you with monthly feedback and a monthly coaching to review reports and plan forward. We have 95% success rate and for HR and Board Reports can provide you with monthly and quarterly reports so you can easily see your ROI on this investment.

Team Stakeholder Coaching

Is available using a similar process but is proceeded by a 2 day work shop to fully engage your team in the future and your business strategy.

As businesses are going through transition it is vital to get the new team focussed and performing again as soon as possible as this is a crucial time where businesses can lose talent as the team need to move from storming to normalising and normalising to performing. We offer this programme with a 2 day workshop online of offline and with regular monthly team coaching for 2-3 hours a month to keep everyone on track in purposeful and productive performance.

Executive Performance and Life Balance.

We offer this programme through an initial 4 hour workshop to decide what your best year ever would look like and also take you through our performance curve process that identifies a one page plan which summarises your goals which you will be 10/10 committed to achieving. these are your goals and identify your core values , what your successful outcomes will be in business and other parts of your life. Then using our Curve Technology . We will review monthly and you will be able to see your progress. This can be offered also as a Team Programme and is highly effective. Once you have completed the workshop we will then decide how you want to move forward. (1) you want us to coach you monthly to achieve those results (2) You want to see how you get on before decided how if you want coaching ( 3)You will want to go alone and would prefer not to be coached.

Business Growth Strategies and Implementation

We offer a range of Business Coaching Solutions and as a Consultancy we will work with you in the first instance to see how best to support you business. We will start with a Business Health Check and with you identify a One page Business Plan in a One on One Workshop that will give you complete clarity for your business and identify Key Goals to achieve in the next 12 months.

Business Coaching 

Where we will work with you and your team to establish a project plan for the next 12 months and set achievable monthly goals for the month ahead. Keeping you on-track when the inevitable business distractions arise.

Group Coaching

We also offer a range of opportunities for you to work for half a day a month with like minded business owners on a structured but highly effective programme that will transform your business and will hold you accountable. This programme also comes with an individual Coaching/ Mentoring Session once a month as optional.

Scale up Business Growth

With larger companies we offer a unique programme of Consultancy, Strategy workshops and Mastermind Sessions, and Projects that will engage your whole team.

This programme is for businesses that are ambitious and are growing fast. Our Scale up programme will ensure you leave no stone unturned and will help your company to become investment ready or prepare your exit from the business at an enhanced value. This is a 3 year programme . We also offer a shorter programme for Companies who want to sell or prepare for a merger.

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