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Contact: Robert Whiting
Durham House, Waterside Court, Neptune Way, Kent. ME2 4NZ

Fit Out and Refurbishment

Inline Design have a wealth of experience in the refurbishment sector in both public and private sectors and includes work in restaurants, museums, luxury hotels and the creation of modern office environments.

Our trained personnel are our most precious resource and our management have a wealth of experience in dealing with the particular challenges that refurbishment and fast track fit out can present.

From tender through to customer care our specialist knowledge will be utilised to form a comprehensive construction service including:

Tender Appraisal

To provide a clear understanding of the client’s needs and formulate a working method statement that clearly defines major working practices.

Experienced Personnel

The successful execution of refurbishment and fit out on any project will require that the staff are fully conversant with the operations to be carried out within the environment of an existing building.


Our aim is to provide the quality asked for and where possible with the client’s approval modify the design to produce a high quality finish. At all stages works will be checked and passed for quality purposes.

Working in Occupied Premises

Very often with our project a client or other tenants expect to be able to continue their business operations with a minimum of disruption during the building contract. The basis of working in occupied premises is the preparation of a detailed programme and method statement at the tender stage which describes how the work is to be carried out and using our experience to ensure the implementation of these proposals including:

  • Maintenance of access and escape routes for the occupants of the building
  • Controlled access/egress for staff / operatives
  • Maintaining the client’s security and confidentiality

Dedicated Service Co-ordination Team

Inline recognize that the co-ordination of the building services is an essential part of the management of a successful project. We will work from design development through to final commissioning to ensure the employer’s requirements are met and exceeded with cost savings where possible.

Commitment to Quality

Inline Design recognizes quality as the key to a successful project and repeat business. We strongly believe that the high quality of our work that Inline produces, is only achieved by ensuring that the highest caliber of experienced staff are utilized, thereby creating the correct Environment for the smooth running of the project.

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