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Suite FB4B St Faiths Street, Maidstone Divisional Library, Kent. ME14 1LH

Most people work really hard and make good money. They end up having nothing to show for it. They are stressed, anxious and suffer from some type of mental health issues. We guide and inject hope into people’s lives. Our clients have clarity on how to fix their finances and improve their mental health. On average many find at least 10% extra money for their household and/ or business.

I met Sam, an eighteen year old full of life and hopes, on the train to London and we got chatting. They were moving to London to start a new life. Sam’s dream was to live and work in London at restaurants. They had a place to stay and a job; I was so excited for them.

A couple of weeks later, I saw Sam again. This time I noticed they looked different- that twinkle in their hazel coloured eyes was not there. I asked how they were enjoying London and work life. With their head bowed down, they told me about the struggles they were facing.

You see, COVID-19 had just recently reached the UK and things were starting to slow down. Their workplace was one of the thousand non-essential services that was affected. Sam was let go. They shared with me they don’t know what to do. With regret in their voice they said they hadn’t saved and yes, 2020 is high sight. I could see the tears welling up in their eyes. I recognised that look, I know the feeling.

I was where Sam was. Feeling hopeless, shame and regret. Not knowing what to do or where to go.

This is why I started my company- GOE Enterprise LTD. We are building a national movement to change the financial future of one million 12 to 25 years old and their parents, to move them from clueless about finances to having clarity on how to grow their finances by 2030.

By using our three system process they will get transformational mentorship through online workshops, live virtual training and one-to-one consultation. They can expect after 12 months of going through this system they will have clarity of how to achieve their financial goals and an HD view of their dreams. They will be financially literate, leading mentally and financially balanced lives. They will feel calm.

The stress associated with debt and financial burden can be demoralising and may lead to mental health issues. This can seriously affect how people show up and perform in the world, thus affecting them reaching their true financial goals. We developed a powerful project- vision 2020 and beyond: foundation in personal financial and mental health management. This program is for focused driven individuals and it guarantees to take them from clueless about finances to having clarity and a sense of fulfilment, plus hope.

Let’s get on a no charge Clarity session to see how I can add value to your company.

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