Fosten Green Consulting Limited

Contact: Glyn Roberts
Birchwood Farmhouse, Cranbrook Road, Biddenden, Kent. TN27 8DY

When you turn on your laptop or desktop computer and open up your daily set of software and apps, what do you see?

Do you see a drain on your company’s resources or an opportunity to grow your business?

Do you think ‘I wish this worked better/faster’ or ‘why can’t I get the right information now’?

Do you or your colleagues spend too much time ‘doing admin’ on the computer rather than working on tasks that earn you money?

At Fosten Green Consulting, we believe that IT should not just work, but it should add value as an integral part of your business and can significantly improve almost any business’ performance if it is deployed and used correctly – that’s why our tagline is ‘IT should help you make money, not just cost you money’.

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