Bullet Digital Solutions

At Bullet Digital Solutions we love simplicity. We are a team of straight talkers. We don’t over complicate the problems your organisation faces or how we can solve them. We think clearly and act quickly. Always.

Don’t be misled – our work isn’t actually simple at all. We just don’t feel the need to shout about how complex it gets at Bullet to ensure our customers benefit from the cutting edge technology we use. Leave the complexities to us, you don’t need to worry about that.

What does “digital transformation” and “digital solutions” actually mean in an organisation? At Bullet it just means solving a problem… digitally. That’s what we do. Simply.

No complicated briefs and long scoping documents. No mysterious phrases and terminology to confuse our customers. We like to listen, understand the problem and then make working visual prototypes of applications that can help. Anything that needs to be changed can be changed. Quickly.

We’re a small team amongst IT giants. We like it that way. No unnecessary processes and procedures and complications to hold us back. Fast development. Flexibility.

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