Bright Sparks Marketing

In: Marketing
Contact: David English
Unit 2B Beta House, Laser Quay, Culpeper Close, Kent. ME2 4HU

Bright Sparks Marketing is a Kent-based marketing consultancy, offering sensible and effective marketing solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Whilst our services are broad we are able to deliver our greatest value when we are brought into an organisation to work together on achieving commercial objectives collaboratively.

With over 25 year’s experience, across a variety of industries and businesses of all shapes and sizes (public/private, start-up/FTSE250, B2B/B2C) we are able to view a business from new angles and offer a perspective on new and innovative ways to achieve the business’​ goals.

We can work for you on a specific project or with you on an ongoing basis as a Virtual Marketing Team, ensuring that you are able to achieve your objectives over the longer term. This can be as involved as overseeing the performance of business sales and marketing activities and ensuring they are achieved or helping to define longer-term marketing strategies which may include identifying which team members are going to be required and helping to recruit/train them.

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