AW Accounting

Contact: Alastair Wood
12 Chequers Close, Istead Rise, Kent. DA13 9HJ

AW Accounting is a firm of Chartered Certified Accountants in Istead Rise, Gravesend, Kent. Due to improvements in electronic communication we serve clients from Gravesend, across Kent and London up to Cheshire and down to the south of France. Selecting the right accountant really matters – whether your business or organisation is just starting up, or you want to maintain or grow an existing enterprise.

Choosing a quality accountant
Good accountants do far more than simply balancing the books and keeping the taxman at bay. The “numbers” speak volumes about your business and we can turn them to your advantage – from alerting you to early tell-tale signs of problems to be addressed, right through to recognising opportunities to save or make more money.

Supporting your business success
Choose AW Accounting and you can rely on the affordable, one-to-one help, support and advice you need to pursue your best business and financial interests – that can even include working with you, to take a fresh look at some of your finance practices and choices.

We certainly offer a different level of accountancy services in Kent. This certainty is based on our experience, our values (we are a member of Association of Christian Financial Advisors) and the loyal customers.

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