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Contact: Wesley Baker
Canterbury Innovation Centre, University Road, Kent. CT2 &FG

Across the globe, the news broadcasts a seemingly endless parade of emerging new threats that compromise both safety and peace of mind. From terror attacks to pandemic diseases, the world has never seemed more insecure, challenged by hazards that look unrecognisable, unpredictable or unstoppable. Whether the threat is from an explosive device, a deadly disease or an illegal narcotic, early detection has always been the first line of defence. Many of the current systems designed to provide early warning rely on technology that is decades old, with slow reaction times and high costs. ANCON Technologies is now entering a period which will see its developments in detection equipment for security and medical applications change the market fundamentally.

ANCON’s Nanotechnology Molecular Tagging (NMT) offers the most sensitive detection of trace chemicals in the atmosphere to date. The applications are broad reaching, providing accurate detection of explosive materials, quick warning of radioactivity and early diagnosis of disease infection.

ANCON’s Medical device is a disruptive breakthrough in screening, diagnosis and disease management. We have developed a “once-in­ a-generation technology” known as Nanoparticle Biomarker Tagging (NBT). The mission is to bring this technology to the medical screening and diagnostic market. NBT will have a similar impact in today’s healthcare market as the MRI and x-ray created in the past and will generate very-early­ stage screening and diagnosis via a non-invasive breath test.

ANCON also develops industry-leading nanotechnology instruments for air quality and toxicity assessment. With unprecedented levels of sensitivity, our technological advances seek to take aerosol detection to the forefront of science.

Versatile applications, limitless potential. With ANCON’s advanced research programme, we are targeting our product development towards the new generation of detection devices.

For security providers, the technology is programmed for accurate, sensitive detection of trace elements of explosive material, but it can be adapted to detect radiation or illegal narcotics. In the healthcare industry, the technology provides a method for rapid early screening and diagnosis of infectious and also lung cancer, simply by checking a subject’s breath for chemical biomarkers that indicate the disease. The same medical applications can also be extended to veterinary medicine, with further uses for petrochemical and food safety functions also in the works.

This is only our beginning; we seek to build a revenue model on manufacturing in the medical device industry and licensing within the security industry and supplying key components to “prime” defence and security suppliers. Furthermore, we are looking to develop long -term partnerships with numerous civil bodies across the UK and the US including the NHS and Homeland Security.

As threats continue to develop, so must the means by which to combat them, be this in explosives, chemicals or weaponised disease. Without fundamental improvements in technology, many of these vulnerabilities remain a threat every day to Britons and citizens the world over. We are poised to revolutionise both security detect ion and medical diagnosis w orldw ide with advanced products and technology that stand to disrupt the current marketplace while making the world a safer place.

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