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The Chamber Network is focused on the practicalities of Brexit for business communities across the UK.

As a No Deal Brexit is looking more likely, it is essential that businesses now prepare for the worst and we have put together a range of resources to help you plan for the change.


BCC Business Brexit Checklist – PDF Download (August 2019)
The checklist has been prepared in response to BCC survey findings, which suggest that a significant number of firms are either watching and waiting – or taking no action at all.

Business Brexit Risk Register: Current As Of July 2019 – Resource Hub
For companies across the United Kingdom, the ultimate test of any Brexit deal is whether it delivers clear answers to the pra 9 2019 ctical, real-world questions businesses face.

HMRC Trading Checklist – Resource Hub
HMRC has produced a simple checklist for businesses that currently trade with the EU to help them prepare for a no deal.

Leaving The EU – Triage Tool – Resource Hub
Triage Tool GOV.UK has an online tool to help businesses prepare for the UK leaving the EU.

EU Exit – Department For Business, Energy And Industrial: Sector Primers – Resource Hub
These sector primers aim to bring together on one page the top 3 – 5 issues for each sector and provide guidance.

International Trade

Authorised Economic Operator For Imports And Exports – Government (.Gov) Resource
There are a number of duty relief schemes available to UK businesses.

EU Trade Agreements With Third Countries – Resource Hub
The UK Government has indicated its intention to secure the benefits of existing EU trade agreements with other countries.

EU Exit: Importing And Exporting Update – Resource Hub
Department for International Trade have published a document providing figures on UK trade continuity agreements.

Tariffs On UK-EU Trade – Resource Hub
The British Chambers of Commerce has been advocating for zero tariffs on trade between the UK and the EU after Brexit.

VAT Registration In The EU – Resource Hub
If you trade in goods and decide to hold stock in an EU country for supply to your EU customers, you will need to register for VAT in that country.

No-Deal Brexit Information

Contracts Review – Government (.Gov) Resource
Some of the terms in existing contracts may no longer be relevant post Brexit, or may raise legal or practical questions in future.

Food Labelling Changes After Brexit – Resource Hub | PDF Download
If the UK leaves the EU without a Brexit deal on 12 April, there will be changes that affect your food and drink business. Find out how you can prepare.

Guidance For The Farming Sector – Resource Hub | PDF Download

Guidance For The Food And Drink Sector – Resource Hub | PDF Download

Guidance For Intermediaries – Resource Hub, Video | PDF Download

Guidance For Hauliers – Resource Hub, Video | PDF Download

Guidance For Pharmaceuticals – Resource Hub, Video | PDF Download

Guidance For Retail – Resource Hub, Video | PDF Download

Guidance For The Agriculture & Food Industry – Resource Hub, Video | PDF Download

Guidance For The Arts, Sports & Culture – Resource Hub, Video | PDF Download

Guidance For The Automotive – Resource Hub, Video | PDF Download

Guidance For The Chemicals Sector – Resource Hub, Video | PDF Download

Import VAT – Resource Hub
With the UK’s exit from the EU, in the event of no deal, the UK will introduce postponed accounting.

Rules Of Origin In UK-EU Trade – Government (.Gov) Resource
UK Government technical notices on EU FTAs if there’s no Brexit withdrawal agreement.

Staff and Workforce

EU Exit – Workforce And People – Resource Hub
Department for Exiting the European Union share details on the UK and Portuguese Governments signing a treaty.

Future Staffing Requirements – Resource Hub
There will be changes to the UK’s immigration regime.

Workforce And Future Skills Needs – Resource Hub
The Home Office has published an Employer Toolkit which covers the key details of the EU Settlement Scheme


ABI Urges Firms That Are Stockpiling To Check Their Insurance Cover – Resource Hub
The Association of British Insurers (ABI) is urging companies who are stockpiling goods and raw materials ahead of Brexit to check that they remain fully insured.

Brexit Readiness: Manufacturing Barometer (Autumn 2018-19) – PDF Download
The proportion of manufacturers anticipating growth in their business is significantly down, with Brexit.

CMA’s Role After Brexit – Government (.Gov) Resource
Information for businesses on the CMA’s role after Brexit.

Driving In The EU After Brexit: Driving Licence Exchange – Resource Hub
The rules for exchanging UK driving licences will change when the UK leaves the EU.

Driving In The EU After Brexit: International Driving Permits – Resource Hub
The rules for international driving permits (IDPs) in EU countries are changing.

HM Revenue And Customs (HMRC) Brexit Grant Scheme – Resource Hub
Following the announcement, BCC met with HMRC officials who confirmed that the grants will be 100% funded and will support IT upgrades and training for customs intermediaries.

ICO Brexit Advice – Read The Blog
The Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, set out in a blog how the ICO is helping businesses, particularly SMEs, prepare for a possible no deal Brexit.

Intellectual Property – Resource Hub
It is unclear whether trademarks registered in the EU would be applicable to the UK in the future.

UK/EU Customs Checks – Resource Hub
As a ‘third country’, UK exporters to the EU after Brexit may in future be required to make customs declarations.

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