Video Interviews in your favourite Applicant Tracking System

Posted on Wednesday 7th September, 2016 by

XperiSoft Limited is pleased to announce the integration of LaunchPad for CVMinder ATS. CVMinder users now have the option of initiating and managing video interviews directly within their favourite Applicant Tracking System.

CVMinder ATS is designed to help internal recruitment and HR teams to recruit faster, more professionally and more reliably. It can help users to identify the best applicants sooner and improve recruitment outcomes overall. Integrating LaunchPad with CVMinder ATS makes video interviewing accessible and very simple to use.  We believe that combining the systems can help recruiters and HR teams to make even smarter, better informed hiring decisions.

Our MD, Stuart Haddow, notes that for some roles in some industries, character attributes are more important than CV competence. Adding a video snapshot of any applicant allows them to express those qualities in a way that paper can’t support alone.  We believe that LaunchPad is a cost-effective addition and we also believe that the product is well supported by an excellent team. That makes it a natural fit for XperiSoft and CVMinder.

To find out more about CVMinder ATS and how its recent developments can add value to your recruitment process call 01634 202101 or visit the website.

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