Swim Star Meets The Earl of Wessex

Posted on Wednesday 10th February, 2016 by

Angela Wilson, CEO of Angela’s Swim School was presented to the Earl of Wessex at St James’s Palace yesterday, 02 February 2016.  She was there as a Presenter at the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards Ceremony.  In her speech she said she was in awe of these young peoples outstanding achievements and the personal commitment each one had made.  ‘To have stayed the course and come through your Bronze and Silver to get to Gold is truly sensational.  This is an excellent start to the rest of your lives and you have each shown real dedication, determination and personal strength.  These are unique qualities that will stand you in good stead for your next achievement.’

Angela went on to tell them a little of her own journey – she swam for her country from the age of eleven.  Represented Team GB in the European, World and Commonwealth Games and at fifteen years of age was selected for the Olympic Team.  Sadly due to issues and injury she never made it and her swimming career was cut short.  She then turned her hand to coaching and found a real passion for seeing others achieve their best through her tuition.  She has worked with thousands of children and adults and seen some amazing results – three of her students were recognised for their achievements by being part of the Olympic Torch Relay in 2012.  The first of the young boys she taught had been in a wheelchair and with her help learnt to swim unaided.  The second boy had a kidney transplant when he was only two years.  Doctors said his life would never be the same and he would not have the strength to do sports the same way other children did.  Angela worked with him for ten years and he went on to win a Gold and two Silver medals in the World Transplant Games.  One of the girls she taught became one of the fastest swimmers in Great Britain at twelve years of age and is currently a member of Team GB along with her sister.

Angela is a Lady Taverner and helps the Charity raise thousands of pounds for disabled children, she would like to do more to help children with special needs.  Her focus is to change and improve lives both through swimming and through her business.  Our mission is:  ‘To see children learn a life saving, life enhancing skill and to take those skills and transfer them into other areas in life so not only will they become strong, confident swimmers but they will become strong confidential individuals.’


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