Export Documentation

The Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce Export Documentation Team is on hand to help make the entire process as quick and as painless as possible.  Providing a complete certification service to all businesses, with 50% off to all members, the team provides a one-stop shop for all your export needs.

With international trade, the documentation is as important as the goods themselves.  Accurate and correct documentation will optimise your export performance by ensuring your customers receive their goods on time and you receive your payment quickly.  Thorough advance planning is essential as documentation requirements vary from country to country.  The Kent Invicta Chamber Export Documentation Service can help you to understand and produce correct and accurate documentation for all your export needs.

What is a Certificate of Origin, and why is it needed?
A Certificate of Origin authenticates the origin of goods that are being exported out of the UK. It may be required because of the following:

  • Importing country customs requirement
  • Importing country has ‘quota’ requirement
  • Terms of Sale requirement i.e. Letter of Credit
  • Commercial or official requirement

The Chamber can certify your export documents when submitted with documentary evidence. Please see the Certification Requirements section. The Chamber will stamp and/or sign these documents to confirm any statements and/or declarations are authentic.

Once the document has been Certified by the Chamber, it is sent to the Embassy for their authentication. They will do this with a ‘postage’ like stamp.

International Commercial Terms – These describe mainly the tasks, costs and risks involved in the delivery of goods – excluding intangibles, from sellers to buyers. For detailed information please click here.


Commodity Code
Commodity codes are used to find import duties, taxes, tax rebates, reliefs, licences and special conditions such as prohibitions that may apply to particular goods. They are internationally recognised and should appear on you invoice. If you do not know your tariff, please contact the HM Revenue & Customs Helpline on 01702 366077, or see the Business Link UK Trade Tariff.


  • A counter, postal and electronic service for fast processing of Export Documentation.
  • Certification of the following documents:
    • European Certificates of Origin
    • EUR1 & ATR Customs Movement Certificates
    • Commercial Invoices, Agreements and other Commercial documents
  • Posted documents are returned by post the same day.  The exception being Arab or Egyptian documents which need to be sent to the appropriate Chamber and/or Embassy. It can take up to 2 weeks to process.

Arab-British Certificates of Origin

Arab-British Certificates of Origin are normally required when exporting to an Arab League State, see list below.

Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Djibouti, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

We can arrange for these to be authenticated, usually as a set with the Commercial Invoice. These are required to be both Certified by the Arab-British Chamber and Legalised by the Embassy.

Egyptian Documents

Goods destined for Egypt are presented on an European Certificate of Origin.  They are to be Certified by the Egyptian-British Chamber and Legalised by the Egyptian Embassy.

EUR1 & ATR – Movement Certificates for free circulation of goods

Trade Agreements between the UK and countries around the world mean goods can be moved around with a preferential rate of duty, or at least a decreased amount. If the goods are classed as EU Origin, then they are eligible for preferential rates of duty. This can be supported by sending the goods with an EUR1 Movement Certificate Certificate. For goods travelling between the UK and Turkey, and in free circulation, an ATR form may be requested as authentication.

Electronic Documentation Service

This service can be used when applying for a Certificate of Origin, EUR1 and ATR. The applications are made through eCert World, where you’ll need to register as an Exporter. Please click here to find out more.


Prior to exporting you need to check that you have carried out the following:

  • Familiarise yourself with the VAT rules administered by HM Revenue & Customs
  • Devise an effective export strategy that complements your overall business plan
  • Thoroughly research your market and local product regulations
  • Identify all costs, such as transport, insurance, duties and taxes
  • Establish what you are exporting and where you are exporting as this will play an important role in determining the export documentation you require

For further information on the Chamber Export Documentation Service call

01233 503838 or email viv@kentinvictachamber.co.uk