Member Adverts and Events

Welcome to the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce Member Adverts and Events

This is where you will find a number of different events from workshops to seminars along with offers from members of the Chamber.

If you would like to advertise your business, please email Julia Willis  for further details.


Please note all of the Banner Adverts are in alphabetical order!
Kent Invicta_ABolton (2)   Infogramm for KICC 4   Banner Ad Invicta Chamber British Assessment BureauBuckmore Park   CC 443x160 web banner   Kent Invicta website 150px x 443px com    banner-1Chatha Hygiene Banner 2 Cripps advert boots newsletter banner 160x446 v2   EverestInn-WebBanner   furley-page-fixed-fee-ad  Hax-Media-Invicta-Banner-Ad  Chamber-free-banner-ad(1)   everything_rises_or_falls_on_leadershipcorrections   Kent Fire Rescue Sept-Oct 2016

Kent Pension Services Banner (002)    kims-banner-ad  k-sports-meeting-and-conferences  Leigh Academies Trust    LEBC_160x443_BannerAd_S4  LKM Advert  kicc-ad-stronger-wings-for-stronger-women-1  ncs-technology-kent-kent-invicta-chamber-of-commerce-skyscrapper   Ashford Designer Outlet - April 2016     NVW-Solutions-443x160-web-banner (002)pecunia-banner   Quantum-advert   KCC WebBanner   Heritage Letterhead       sevenoaks-sameday  South East Business Mag Banner KICC_banner2 copy     Stuart Howitt   SHC Banner Ad - Kent Invicta Chamber Apr 2016 copy  3Rs  Ants for MRzc-live-banner-ad-png