A Natural Refresh for XperiSoft Limited

Posted on Monday 18th April, 2016 by

XperiSoft Limited, founder of CVMinder, launches its new website.

XperiSoft Limited is pleased to announce the launch of its new website and refreshed branding. Our new look represents the company’s Natural Solutions theme as embodied in its Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Student 2 Work solution (S2W). We hope that our updated messaging will serve to better illustrate XperiSoft’s core principles and ambitions.

We believe that recruitment selection should be a natural, unforced process with software that elegantly supports both Hiring Managers and HR Professionals in an unobstructed selection process. We believe that data teaming and task sharing should be easy and secure without additional administration and effort. CVMinder ATS delivers on that promise.

We believe that the progression of students into employment should be made easier with measured support for skills development and clear indicators for supportive intervention. We believe that Schools and Colleges should find it easy to offer employer-led vacancies to their students and solicit high-quality applications. Supporting the development of employability skills and offering your students a gateway to work is made simple with CVMinder S2W.

Kerry Clifton, Marketing Executive comments,

“It was a great pleasure to have worked with Stuart (MD) on the new messaging for CVMinder. Working closely with our customers has helped us to understand CVMinder’s fuller value and to express that message in simple, straightforward terms. Our new, more responsive website is a stronger platform for our sales team offering clearer content and improved support for the customer journey.”

XperiSoft Limited was established in 2012 by Stuart Haddow and is the company behind CVMinder. XperiSoft Limited builds, delivers and maintains software solutions that help any organisation by:

  • Reducing business expenditure
  • Improving team communication and process participation
  • Improving security and compliance
  • Gaining genuine benefit quickly by featherweight implementation and training

To discover how XperiSoft Limited can help you with a more natural approach to recruitment or employability support, please visit www.xperisoft.co


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